February 2, 2005

Pumper's Remorse?

Okay, I'm not a pumper yet, so I guess I can't have pumper's remorse. Pre-pumper's remorse? I'm terrible at waiting for big changes, very fretful and anxious. What if what if what if. Whatever. Ack.

One of the things I'm nervous about is that I live alone--my boyfriend is waaaay across the country--and I'll be starting the pump without someone here to help me. This has been a difficult aspect of my diabetes management all along--e.g., I worry about going severely low when I'm alone, though it hasn't happened yet. I'm sure the pump start won't be as scary as I imagine, right? It ain't brain surgery. Today it seems daunting, but I learned MDI quickly, and I'll learn this as well.


  1. Big changes can be very nerve wracking, and doubts tend to sneak their way into your positive frame of mind.

    You know from your experiences so far that you are far from alone going through this. You have many many resources online (I glanced at the pins & needles board last night), as well as a group of local contacts willing to be a resource for you as you start your journey with diabetes & pumping.

    Regarding going low when alone, there was a mention of getting on the phone with someone right away, and keeping them on the line with you until your blood sugars get back to normal. Not a bad idea.

    I have also seen something called the sleep sentry, which is a device that can be worn at night that will detect and alarm for low blood sugars. www.sleepsentry.com - their site is down right now (something about moving to a different server), but might be worth a look in the near future. I don't know much about it, how well it works or what it costs, but thought I should mention it.

    I'm also sure that your boyfriend would be willing to call and check up on you throught the night for a while, until you get more comfortable.

    Maybe you could get a service dog (wasn't that cool!)!

    I'm sure that things will go just great for you. It's normal to be a little nervous - don't be too hard on yourself.

  2. Hi Scott...Thanks very much, these are good reminders. You're right, I do have a lot of support. Sometimes I lose sight of that for a while. Wouldn't I love to have a doggie like Ivan? He was just so awesome. Maybe someday :) But yes, I will definitely set up a phone call plan with my sweetie. That will help a lot with the anxiety. Thank you, I appreciate the comments!