February 28, 2005

Boudoir de Pump

The search continues for a comfortable way to sleep with the pump that (a) protects the tubing from cat attack, (b) does not involve shorts or pants, which I find uncomfortable, and (c) does not make me feel like a fugly matron.

The experiment of the weekend involved sleeveless nighties. The pump can be clipped on the armpit—I put the pump inside, against the body, so that the bumpy clip faces out. Of course, depending on how you sleep, this may be uncomfortable. I like to sleep on my tummy, so it sometimes worked pretty well for me. Results varied depending on the nightie material—if it’s too flimsy or lacks a decently thick seam, the pump creates a gigantic sagging armpit hole and also flops around. Now THAT’S sexy…

Today, on a different note, I’m experimenting with changing the set after 3.5 days rather than 3. I have plenty of insulin in the reservoir and the set feels secure; the main question is whether I’ll experience icky skin irritation from pushing the timeline a bit. It’s not so much that I loathe changing the set (though this is not, as noted below, an enjoyable leisure activity); it’s that I’d like to change the set after work rather than before. Hence the need to push it back a few hours today. Am guessing this will be Not a Big Deal.


  1. My doc actually wrote on his notes that set change should be 3-5 days, and I've switched freely between which time of day, changing it CLOSE to 36 hours, depending on the state of the set, the amount of insulin left, when's most convenient, etc.

    Sleep - I use a 48 inch tube, and just let the thing loose under the covers. I like it not actually being on my person - it feels freer, somehow. So far it's worked for me great. I just have to remember it's loose and not get out of bed dragging it behind me across the floor.

  2. Violet, I don't think you'll find any problem with the 3.5 day switch. like Lori, I've had no problems with switching at 3.5 to 4 days. --Jeff N.

  3. Just be careful that you can check your blood sugar a few hours after you do the site change. It is highly discouraged to do them at night.

    And I had to do the afternoon thing myself. Set came off at about 1:00 pm.

  4. As far as pump-wearing at night, I just let the pump flop around in bed with me. The biggest complaint comes from my wife who doesn't like it when the pump vibrates with a "low insulin" warning. Its usually at hip level laying on the bed beside me.

    As far as the site switch, 3.5 does seem
    optimum, but it depends upon - your body, your choice of infusion set, whether you
    use an IV Prep substance, etc, etc, etc.