February 19, 2005

Change Is Good

I did it! I changed my set. Details of the physical world not being my strongest area, I am proud. Happily, the videos on the CD that came with my pump were quite helpful. (I found it interesting that Minimed’s online Pump School doesn’t include infusion set videos, while the CD does. Safety precaution maybe?) I’m trying out the 9mm option to see if it’s comfortable; so far, so good. Best of all, that creepy smell seems to be gone, yay yay yay!

Note to self: next time remember to check which way the tubing is pointing before inserting the set…toward the belly button is a somewhat awkward direction! The CDE showed me a sample of a new set—if memory serves, it’s the forthcoming Clio for the Cozmo—that can be rotated so that the tubing can face whatever direction you like even after insertion. That’s an awesome feature, and I hope Minimed will pay attention.

I have also named my pump. She is called Charlotte, mainly for one of my favorite characters in all of children’s literature—the clever, compassionate, bold, creative spider of Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte is a name I wished I’d been given when I was a kid, along with various other girlie names. (I also used to want a nickname, and I liked Lottie for reasons I can no longer fully recall…) I like how it’s feminine yet strong and practical-sounding, very much how I want to imagine my pump. Seems to suit her.


  1. Glad to meet you, Charlotte! She could also be named for my best friend's precious cat - she's had her for years. Jenny called me last summer so upset - Charlotte had been diagnosed with diabetes - could I please come help them with the shots? So since I was the expert (4 months since diagnosis), I came to the rescue. Charlotte is back to her beautiful, affectionate self, and we are partners in pancreatic malfunction. I'm just glad I don't have to eat that wretched food.

  2. Sorry for not posting earlier - things have been busy!

    Sounds like things are going Ok for the most part - but feel free to give a call or send an e-mail if something comes up that you need help with.

    How have your blood sugars been? It can be a real ride as you are first trying to get the correct basal rates established. Stick with it.

    I'll check back for the latest news!