February 28, 2005


Well, this set change thing is just as cyberpal Lori (http://brokendump.blogspot.com, why oh why can't I make an HTML link work here?) observes. Some of em are fine and some hurt like the heebie jeebies. So I have a safe, contented tush, but in exchange got the ouchiest set change so far. Maybe a little too high on the tummy, maybe just bad luck. It seems okay now.

Someday the day-to-day events of my life that seem worth recording will have a lot less to do with my ass. I hope.

Jeff, you are so helpful and I will truly continue to ponder the hinder. Err...well, you know what I mean. Thanks so much.

Kathleen, hello, thanks for posting. Yes, nighttime set change, definitely bad. My CDE says I can do a change early in the evening, though, allowing enough time for BG checks before bed. In this case, I had 4.5 hours, which I figured should be time enough to troubleshoot and correct if needed. Of course, if I had to do a replacement set change at 8 p.m., I'd be up kinda late...Right now it's just hard for me mentally to manage it before work, given last week's trouble. I imagine that when I get used to all these processes I'll switch back to the morning.

Finally, a quick plug for a new diabetes blog, www.diabetesmine.com. Let's all say hi to Amy and encourage the posting bliss to perpetuate...


  1. stubbled across your blog via the 'next blog' function...
    in order for a link to work, you need the following: [a href="www website"]name of site[/a]
    just replace the [] with <> brackets.

  2. Thankee, wolf food. I've peppered my blog with links thanks to your instructions. Also, like your painting choice.

    Hi, Vi. Still reading faithfully.

  3. Oops - that's not a painting, that's really you. Well, cool picture, wolf food. Duh.