February 25, 2005


This is so obvious that it’s embarrassing, but then again that emotion is a motif of this blog, so what the hell. After the debacle that was Tuesday, cyberpal tippytoes pointed out to me that you can practice pushing those two stupid buttons on the set insertion device. All you have to do is pull down on the spring-loadie thing and, um, push the buttons. It works even though there’s no infusion set in the device.

Well, duh.

Seriously, I never even thought to try this. I had a list of steps and I was afraid to deviate from it because...yeah, because I’m not so good with the physical world! Hee hee. So. This morning is once again a Time for Change. I decide to practice. Almost immediately (impressive, I know) I make the groundbreaking discovery (ahem) that not only can I practice pushing the buttons, I can even put the serter on the spot where I plan to place the new set and practice at the exact angle I’ll need to use for the set change! Wow!!!

Many, many button pushes later, I change the set for real. I am thinking: Push the buttons at the same time. Push the buttons at the same time. I push the buttons...at the same time.

Thanks for the tip, tip.


  1. Violet, i'm so very happy to hear that you're getting the hang of it, with a little practice. Before you know it, it will all be second nature and you'll be able to do it practically with your eyes closed. (Well. Heh. You know what i mean.) And i'm very glad to have been able to share a tip that helped. Keep up the good work! Yay Jedi Vi!