June 19, 2005

The needle returneth

I’m very bored with writing about my health. Is this akin to the malaise expressed by Kerri here? I think kinda sorta.

But anyway: I’m now on injections for possible B12 deficiency. Dr. Keeper says they cannot, regrettably, be self-administered. Must go to clinic to receive. It’s one per day for 4 days, one per week for 4 weeks, 1 per month for…well, forever.

It’s a little strange to be on a permanent medication for something that only might be wrong with me, but Dr. K says it’s much wiser to treat than to disregard, as a B12 deficiency can cause all manner of permanent damage to multiple systems if left to its own devices. This coincides with my research on the subject, so I’ll trot myself to the clinic like a good little possible pernicious anemic.

There’s stuff all over the web about oral treatment for B12 def. rather than injections. Dr. K says we can consider that down the road.

She also says I need an MRI. That’s because this neuropathy sounds a little funny to her. The pain doesn’t stay put in my limbs, which (she says) it generally does with B12 problems. I get the pinpricks mostly in the feet and hands, but also legs, arms, side, face, head. Now and then. Not a lot. But noticeably. And that is weird enough that Dr. K says we ought to rule out MS, which can cause abnormal sensation in all manner of places and ways.

Oh, good.

Of course, having been completely bamboozled by this information when I set up the test, I scheduled it for the ONLY time next week when I CANNOT leave my office. Now I must reschedule. So who knows when it will be or when I’ll get results.

On a considerably lighter note, kudos to Tekakwitha, who has rescued much my summer wardrobe from Goodwill with this comment. I got the Minimed thigh thing T mentions, and it does NOT fall down or require additional contraptions to hold it up. Indeed, it’s so adjustable that one can inflict whatever level of circulatory disruption to the thigh one likes, all in the name of fashion bliss. So Charlotte and I are at peace once again.

Now I just need to decide which dress is appropriate to wear to an MRI. Ahem.

June 11, 2005

Charlotte vs. the Summer Wardrobe

She’s winning.

I know the tricks: the thigh thing, the bra thing, the cutesie pouches. I’ve shopped the accessory websites. But there’s a certain category of sundress for which none of the tricks work. I can’t do the bra clippie thing because I’m not, errr, properly built. With many of my clothes I can hide the pump under my arm, in the side of my bra, but with some dresses it sticks out horribly there. Depends on how the dress is cut. And the thigh thing falls down unless I wear it with a garter belt, which shows under lots of fabrics in a very obvious, look-at-me-I’m-wearing-sexually-charged-lingerie-and-might-be-a-harlot-would-you-care-to-find-out? kinda way.

I own, like, six dresses in this category. They are (were) my favorites. Whine, whine, whine.

There’s one thing I haven’t tried. It’s an adjustable garter thingie. Maybe this would stay up without a garter belt? It even comes in two sizes, a brilliant acknowledgment that women do not, in fact, have made-to-order thighs. I will invest the 30 bucks and report back.

June 8, 2005

In which I have little to say

EMG = normal. Yay! I still have the symptoms, though. I need to talk to the doctor but can't find the wherewithal to do it. Low low energy on the self-care front right now. The only thing I've accomplished all week is one little tiny bout of exercise. On the plus side, I'm eating like a responsible diabetic again. (The bionic bagels, incidentally, prevailed...That third hour nails me every time. Maybe I have to take an extra bolus then? Hmm, dangerous.)

Aha, I do have one positive story to relate. This will seem like nothing to longtimers, but for me it felt bold: I went dancing while I was in New York. I hadn't been dancing since before my dx six months ago; I was worried about going too low or too high (in an attempt not to go too low) from the funny bits of intense exercise. Actually, Mr. Brooklyn had tried to take me dancing on my birthday, but I messed up my fancy-dinner bolus and wound up at 330, too high for safe physical activity...

Anyhow, I didn't go low, just a smidge high from dropping my basal more than I needed to. And we had a great time. Diabetes, I fart in your general direction! (We also saw Spamalot last week...)