March 3, 2005


Is anyone tired yet of my habit of forming compounds with the prefix “pump”? No? Yay!

God, I love cyberspace. By the time anyone talks back, I’ll be busy reading someone else’s blog...

Today marks 2 weeks of bionic life for Violet. That’s 14 days, 4 set changes (not counting the, ahem, unconsummated attempts), 88 test strips, and 58 uninjected injections. 58! I actually lost count along the way (probably a good thing), but I retallied just now and it’s 58. It is Very Good to not put 58 holes in oneself.

Saw CDE this morning for Pumpiversary celebration. We talked, as we tend to do of late, about my butt. She understands. In fact, she thinks I should try the 6 mm again on the tummy. Is a little worried that with the 9 mm I may be hitting muscle tissue, which causes the insulin to absorb too fast & also causes increased discomfort. While she still says that the 6 mm tend to bend more, she thinks my trouble may have really stemmed from nervousness. (For those unacquainted with the language, that’s Tactful CDE for “It bent cause you put it in wrong, you foolish, clumsy diabetic!”) I’ll have to have some 6 mm sets sent if I want to try them, as I just received a shipment of approximately One Million 9 mms from the good folks at Minimed.

Amy, in a comment below you allude to infection worries. Yes. I’ve had no trouble with this so far; I use the IV preps that Minimed sent me but otherwise take no special steps to avoid infection. Well, I avoid putting peanut butter or cat hair in the infusion set. Does that count? When I’ve taken out my sets, there’s a tiny bump at the site that vanishes within a couple of hours. Discussed this today with CDE after we talked about my butt. She says not a problem unless the bump is the size of a nickel or bigger, or is hard, or doesn’t go away. Some folks do have trouble with this; for them, she prescribes some germ-killin stuff (forgot name) to be swabbed on the skin before the set goes in. CDE is a strong proponent of the 3-day set change to stave off infection, but as others have testified, many go longer with no issues.

In other news, my computer at home has died. Rest in peace, noble grape iMac. I hardly knew ye. (Actually untrue: it lasted 6 years, wow.) If readers are now inferring that I am posting illicitly from my office, they might be correct. Might. I confess nothing! The reason I allude to this at all is that I will have a few days of relative quietude, perhaps, while I resolve this problem. Will try to stay in touch.


  1. I just started reading your blog and didn't realize you were new to pumping.

    To bad you have a Minimed pump. The Inset infusion sets are fabulous and the only bending I've had is when I've pulled on the set too hard. I think they are Luer Lock only.

    I used Comforts (Tenders), but couldn't stand seeing the needle. The Insets solved that problem.

    I have dogs, and so far with two years of pumping I've not had an infection. However, I do change my sets every other day though.

  2. Hi Kathleen--Thanks for the comment. I don't think my choice of a Minimed pump is too bad at all. I did a lot of research into the options, including talking with folks who use the various brands and reading months of archives of the Insulin Pumpers mailing list. So I know that many people have had issues with MM, and that many people have had good fortune with MM too. For various reasons I decided it's the best choice for me for my first pump. From what I've learned, infusion sets are very much a YMMV area in that what works for one may not for another. I think that with persistence I'll figure out what works for me. Right now the discomfort is only a factor when my waistband is touching the set, so it's not an overwhelming problem.

    I definitely don't like seeing the needle either! That's one thing I like about the QuickSet--once it's in the serter, the needle is invisible. My CDE also showed me the Silhouette, which has a giant, scary, very visible needle. Couldn't do it, no thank you.

  3. Don't you have enough numbers around with just blood sugars? I must ask, are you keeping track of all that stuff in your head, or actually like writing it down somewhere? I will co-sign on it being good to not put 58 holes in oneself, but might I suggest a hobby that doesn't include counting anything?? Just kidding! (it is funny to me though!).

    I've personally never had any problem with infection. I usually wipe with an alchohol swab, let it dry, then wipe with IV prep and let that dry. It's also good to not like, cough or breath on either your prepared site or infusion set before it gets inserted.

    I also usually have that small bump for a while after removing my set, but considering I did have a small plastic tube there for at least 3 days... You are correct in watching for those signs your CDE identified.

    I have to say that I am also a strong proponent of the 3 day set. Not that I have any medical evidence or anything, but I think the longer I leave a site in, the longer it takes to heal up once I've removed it. After so many years of pumping, I want to keep my abdomen as free of scar tissue and damaged tissue as much as possible. I think that frequent site changes, along the lines of the recommended 3 days, is helpful in that regard. Some folks (not myself) will attest to their numbers starting to run high after more than 3 days, as if the site is "worn out" if that's possible... ??

    Anyway - good luck with your computer problems, talk to you when you get back online!

  4. Hey Violet,

    Did I mention yet that your blog is hugely entertaining?! Your style is pump-licious, if you don't mind my saying so.

    Amy from

  5. I just found you, Violet, and I have linked you! Congrats on your pumpiversary. :o)

    On my blog today you can see Pumpernickel... Did you ever see anything so adorable? We can't wait to get him! of course, it would be nice if our endo would let us have a PUMP first...

  6. I'm having withdrawal from your witty reflections. Hope you're well - write more blog soon! (No pressure, of course.)