May 23, 2005

Pumplandia the Beautiful

An ode to Charlotte on our 100-day pumpiversary

(Well, I’m a few days early, but who’s counting?)

O beautiful for fewer lows
and not-quite-so-high highs,
for purple cyborg gadgetry,
no needles to despise!

Pumplandia! Pumplandia!
Beep beep beep beep beep beep!
I analyze
then customize
for safety while I sleep!

O beautiful for basal rates
preset by the hour,
for boluses pumped right to me
with painless battery power!

Pumplandia! Pumplandia!
Beep beep beep beep beep beep!
Infusion sets
are my best bet
for a lower A1C!

O beautiful for sleeping late
and snacking between meals,
for your adaptability--
how sweet and free it feels!

Pumplandia! Pumplandia!
Beep beep beep beep beep beep!
Bionic life
of lesser strife—
‘tis the life for me!


  1. LOL! Hear, Hear!

    Congratulations on your "pumpiversary," and may you celebrate many more.

    (BTW, I just finished "singing" your composition to my husband. Sadly, my vocal stylings did not do it justice.)

  2. V,

    Your cape is in the mail. You've earned it.

    Happy 100 Days.


  3. Oh my, Sandra. I've never sung the whole thing, though I have sung snatches in the shower. I imagine Joseph's pump was very flattered ;)

    Kerri...woo hoo! I am SuperViolet!

  4. You're a clever writer. Seriously look to have that published. I loved it!

  5. Oh, this is brilliant! May I pass this to the webmaster at Children With Diabetes? It is just PERFECT. XoXo & happy pumpiversary, Martha

  6. Thanks Shannon :) I spent waaaaay too much time on it.

    Martha, sure, I've gotten lots of outstanding info from that site. Glad you enjoyed. BTW, I'm trying to enter your contest but thus far my piece on high school suckitude isn't coming out as well as this one did...