May 25, 2005

Metablogging & bargaining

One of the gifts I've found in blogging is that it provides a coping mechanism for my medical experiences not just before and after the event, but during it as well. This is the strategy I will carry with me this afternoon to my EMG, about which I am just a smidge nervous (ahem). Much of the time, I may imagine or pretend that my story is one of courageous self care in the face of chronic illness. Nah. It's really all about gathering material for Pumplandia, see? While I'm being poked and zapped I'll think about creative analogies and, hopefully, Violetish witticisms to capture the moment. If the medical personnel are eccentric, no matter! They will soon become characters in tonight's post, relegating them to a manageable and much more entertaining status. It's all good.

Really, it is.

That said, if the cosmos is listening, I'd be willing to blog instead about TV or literature or video games or amateur psychology or my cats. I'm open to a variety of assignments, in fact. So you can take the diabetes back; I promise to keep writing. I promise!


  1. That's right Violet. It's all grist.

    No anecdote this time ;)
    Just many positive thoughts.

    Take care,

  2. V,

    Sometimes I read my blog and it sounds like fiction - characters, plot twists, Oh No dopplegangers! But the bottom line is this: If you can laugh, you can survive.

    And if anyone can laugh or help others to laugh, it's you, SuperViolet.


  3. Vi, best of luck this afternoon. You're in my thoughts. --Jeff N.

  4. Good luck. You are an inspiration.

  5. Here, here, Violet! You've got my number as well!

    God would I be willing to write about SOMETHING ELSE, if only it could dominate my life like the DUH! does (or if it didn't need to retain its privacy, i.e. the kiddies)

    Anyhoo, I'm stuck with the diabetes, and they always say you should write what you know!

    Thinking of you today. Will be looking for your report on the report, too.