May 26, 2005

Ever More Grist...

…as Sandra terms it in her comment below. Speaking of which, thank you all for the support. It means an awful lot to me.

The short, not-at-all-witty story of the EMG is that it was ouchie, though not unbearable, and will produce no definitive results (grrr) until next week.

The long story is, well, naturally longer. If time permits, it will appear here soon. It may or may not be witty, but it WILL involve acronyms...


  1. I always hate waiting on things like that ...

    Here's hoping that the outcome is one that is easy to deal with.

  2. Why do they always make you wait so dang long for test results? Always drives me more than a little nuts.

    Well, it was nice of Kerri to give you your "top fives" to think about instead :)

    Hang in there lady. Remember, we're all hangin' in-- right there with you.


  3. Thinking about you, Violet... XxOo Martha

  4. V,

    You'll be at the top of my "Top Five People Who I'll Be Thinking Of" list.

    Stay strong.