May 2, 2005

Crawling out from under a sugar-coated rock

Hello, I'm back. Or trying to be. This hasn't been my easiest month of the 6 (ooh, count 'em) since my dx. I've had a lot of stress from various sources, I quit exercising (bad Violet!), and I more or less withdrew from my online existence. Why is it that when bad stuff happens, I lose the energy I need to do the very things that would help me most? Exercise would help; talking & writing would help. Isolation, after the relief of the first couple of days of quietude, does NOT help me. I get lost out there in the big mean world. I succumb to the illusion that I'm on my own with my disease and the rest of my silly life. I see myself as outside the gatherings of like-minded souls, looking in but unable to connect.

That's a lot of self-destructive crap. I am no more alone than I choose to be. So...I'm going to try to write here, or elsewhere in the diabetes community, every day this week. And I'm going to try to walk today. Yes, yes. I can. Small slow walk. I can handle that. I will report back on the results of same. Please hold me accountable, guys.

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