May 3, 2005

One foot in front of the other

I did it. I went for the walk. This seemingly minor act is all about something much bigger, as anyone who struggles with this stuff knows. It's about overcoming all those forces--exhaustion, entropy, athletic socks left behind at home, depression, stress, the sheer brutal longing to give oneself a break because nothing else in life is, goddamnit--and acknowledging: OK, today is no better day to exercise than yesterday was, but today the costs of not taking care of myself are too high.

Today I will try to repeat the miracle.


  1. Violet,

    Nice job. It's tough to reinitiate an exercise routine, but bravo for taking the literal and proverbial first steps. (And I say this with complete empathy, because I had to drag my arse to the gym tonight.)

  2. Thanks, guys :) My current strategy is to allow myself to feel absurdly proud of extremely small accomplishments. This seems like a valid approach for all of us, considering the various Mount Everests we climb day by day.