January 28, 2005

Name That Pump!

Pursuant to the post below, and also to get it off the top of my blog :) I thought I would say a bit about my pump-naming aspirations. It seems to me that I'll need to meet my pump before naming it, but the current front-runner is Jamie. What child of the 1970s could forget the beautiful, intrepid Jamie Sommers, television's own Bionic Woman? (Actually, her name was spelled Jaime, but I'm adapting it because I once knew a Jaime--and he was a Latino guy, not a bionic chick...) Anyhow, it seems appropriate for a soon-to-be bionic woman to name her pump after THE Bionic Woman.

Also high on the list, on a very-different-yet-somehow-the-same note, is Brigit. This one is borrowed from Celtic mythology. Brigit is a Triple Goddess; her three aspects include creativity, fertility/healing, and battle (especially the creation of weapons). Wow, talk about a powerful female archetype. I am most impressed with how Brigit brings together such divergent aspects of femininity. I like how this name would link my pump with qualities to which I personally aspire. Well, not so much the weapon making...but you get the idea. Strength.

I also really dig the name Audrey, as well as the most famous Audrey I can think of, Audrey Hepburn (and the less famous Audrey Toutou, who is often compared to the former). So I've thrown that on the list as well.

Nominations for other pump names are welcome...


  1. Audrey is my daughter's name. It's a great name -- nice sound, has no unpleasant nicknames associated with it, and fairly uncommon. Great name for a pump.

  2. Jeff, that's awesome! I am very happy to know that you have such an important Audrey in your life. Extra points for Audrey as potential pump name :)

  3. Let me introduce my pump Claude. (He's "smoke" because they didn't have lego colored.)