December 3, 2006

Is That an Insulin Pump in Your Pocket, or…

…Are You Just Happy to Text Me?

(a play in three brief acts)

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance)

Nellie: a purple Minimed Paradigm 515; successor to Charlotte

Dinner Companion: one of Violet’s recent one-date wonders

Violet: devoted owner of Nellie

Thanksgiving Ladies: Violet’s charming holiday hostess and her guests, each some thirty years Violet’s senior

Movie Companion: an entertainment-oriented version of Dinner Companion

Act I
Scene: a chic Italian restaurant in Chelsea, NYC

Nellie: Beep. [pause.] Beep. [pause] Beep.

Dinner Companion [slightly annoyed]: Texting?

Violet: Insulin.

Nellie: Beep.

Act II
Scene: a holiday meal at a beautiful colonial farmhouse in Orange, Connecticut

Nellie: Beep.

Thanksgiving Lady #1 [peering into Violet’s lap]: What is that thing?

Nellie: Beep. [pause] Beep.

Violet: It’s an insulin pump…

Nellie: Beep.

Violet: …for diabetes.

TL #2: Oh, I thought it was a cell phone!

TL #1: So did I.

TL #3: So did I!

TL #4: Is it all right that you’re eating pie, dear?

Scene: a movie theater in Gramercy

Movie Companion: [yawns, stretches, and casually drops arm around Violet. Very high school.]

Violet: (!)

Nellie: …

Movie Companion: [unintentionally gropes Nellie, who is clipped to Violet’s waist]

Violet: [face contorts as she suppresses urge to snort]

Movie Companion: …

Movie Companion: [removes arm from around Violet]

Nellie: Beep!


  1. I love it.

    Your pump sounds like it has a real personality. With that name, I assume it's a she?

  2. hahaha, I like Act III :)

  3. I love this, V. Great entry!!!

    (And welcome back, by the way.)

  4. Hi Violet!

    This was a great post. I don't know if you meant for it to be funny, but I tend to see the humor and had a good giggle over it.

    Ditto Kerri on the Welcome back :)

  5. Ooh. Did Act III progress after the film?