October 26, 2006

Notes to self

1. Do not transport POC meter in bag next to frozen lunch entrée. POC meter refuses to operate at temperatures below [insert random number between room temperature and that of a frozen lunch entrée]. When you find yourself going low on the subway, you will be unable to test and will have to make a random guess as to how many glucose tablets are needed to retrieve yourself from the hypoglycemic brink. By the time POC meter regains room temperature, it will mock you with a number well over 200.

2. Stop eating donuts.

3. Remember to take insulin with carbohydrates. (Ahem? Hello? Diabetes, anyone?) You do this by pushing the buttons on that purple thing. You know, the life-saving medical device attached to your body? Yeah, that one.


  1. I love the journey of the first paragraph vs. the brevity of No. 2. "Stop eating doughnuts."

    Ahh, if only I could. Doughnuts are freaking delicious.

  2. As one who is currently using a POC meter I totally sympathize!

  3. Oh Violet, a hundred "notes to self" a day, and we're still workin' it. Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Hilarious!
    Thanks for sharing.