September 8, 2006

24 Things That (Mostly) Do Not Fit in Boxes, or, Recultivating a Violet

Goals, small and large, short term and long, for my life in my new home. Like the things that do fit in boxes, these appear in no particular order of importance:

1. Diabetes: see Walking, Food below. Visit blogosphere more consistently. Find support group?
2. Cats: pet numerous times daily
3. Dogs: visit dog park near office whenever possible
4. Brain: read some fiction every day. Try to pick something not related to work.
5. Brain II: read some nonfiction every day, also not related to work
6. Sunlight: ½ hour of natural light per day is proven to help combat the Other D
7. Therapy: obviously still called for, ahem
8. Exercise: buy athletic shoes that Do Not Hurt. Attempt to walk in them regularly.
9. Food: fruits, veggies must return
10. Creative work: do The Artist's Way, for real this time
11. Service: start a consistent practice of doing something helpful to my new neighborhood/its residents
12. Political: contribute time, money, ANYTHING to the effort to keep this guy’s cronies from succeeding him in office
13. Spiritual: ponder. Investigate.
14. Music: more & new urgently needed. iPod on subway = happier Violet.
15. Work: catch up (heh).
16. Money: send that stuff in for insurance reimbursement. Use budget software. Think about needs vs. wants in spending. Contribute to a worthy cause.
17. Home: sweep up the cat hair a little more often. Hang the coat rack. Enjoy the quiet.
18. Culture: partake regularly of New York. Find freebies.
19. Family: call Mrs. & Brother Violet more often. E-mail that cousin who lives in NY. (Why? Well, to get Mrs. Violet to quit bugging me about it, if nothing else.)
20. Friendships: take active approach to nurturing
21. Sex: not at the moment, thanks for asking.
22. Gratitude: increase. Not the stuffy, forced kind. The real, joyful, “Morning Has Broken” kind.
23. Awareness: increase exponentially. Remember relationship between journaling & consciousness.
24. Fun: will hopefully follow naturally from all of the above?


  1. An excellent list, Violet-- with many items I plan to lift for some recultivating of my own.

    Case in point, I need to revisit the Artist Way, myself-- the work was both creative and (for me) spiritual. While I got through a chunk of it a number of years ago, the effort was derailed when I had a miscarriage.

    Just couldn't separate the two. Maybe now, I can.

    You just inspired me to give it another go.



    p.s. Sorry to be so late with a comment-- I'm behind in my blog reading, and finally have a bit of time to catch up. That is, until Evan spots me here on the computer :-)

  2. :-)

    I'm behind too!

    Great list - it always feels good to plan for success.

    I'm sure we could figure out some kind of virtual support system for the monthly pump group meetings here in MN!