August 13, 2006

Trials and errors

This has been a fairly rough [insert block of time of your choice: week, month, season, year, century] so far, and I find myself—no surprise here—struggling with small and large tasks relating to the physical world. This is a longstanding Violetine trait; it simply gets a little worse when I’m stressed. Today, for example, not long after burning myself over the eye (literally: on the eyelid & surrounding territory) with the curling iron, I took a peek at Nellie’s status screen. I found, much to my chagrin, that I had gone six days without changing my set. Six! Hmm. I had no idea. I need to set up a reminder system on my calendar (ha) or take some other constructive action (heh). Otherwise I’ll wind up with some kind of hideous infection.

I went off the pill recently. Not trying to have baby; just not in need of the pill. Enough said? Yes. As noted here, the use of BC pills has a significant effect on my insulin needs. Basals & carb ratios have gone down for 2/3 of each day. I’m now using a remarkable 25% less insulin over the course of a typical 24 hours, and I still woke up at 78 this morning. (NB: I am NOT complaining. I am delighted.) I have yet to figure out how unusual/usual this phenomenon is among PWDs, but my first appointment at Naomi Berrie is coming up soon, so I’ll throw this question at them and see what they think.

Meanwhile, my adventures with Cymbalta are coming to a close. Dr. Two-Fifty and I have concluded that it isn’t helping enough with the other D. She’s going to put me on something else, but she wants to see me in person first. I’m sure she’ll be impressed with the curling iron burn, which looks like someone relatively feeble tried to give me a shiner.

Last but definitely not least, I send bouquets of flowery purple support to Lyrehca, who awaits very important news this week. Send her your good thoughts, please.


  1. I've been taking Cymbalta in various dosages for nearly two years. It significantly helped the "other D" but I have major insomnia from it--not helped by Ambien, Lunesta, or Restoril. Very frustrating to have my mood improved but my sleep down to 2-3 hours per night.

  2. Sounds like maybe some relationship stress? I'm sorry Violet - that sucks.

    Sending you your own bouquet of purply irises.

  3. Thanks, Violet! A nice bouquet right back at you.

  4. Violet, I hope that Dr. Two-Fifty and the folks at Naomi Berrie have some answers for you.

    Sending along still more purple flowers...

  5. Violet -

    Good to see this post. I've missed you. I too find that birth control or lack of bc in my system creates large changes in my insulin needs.

    I'm sorry about your burn. Hopefully it will heal up nicely and that curling iron will stop attacking :).

    Lilacs, violets, and other purple flowers being sent your way and L's.

  6. Thinking of you, V. Email en route. As well as the ubiquitous lavendar mental-bouquet.