August 17, 2006

Psychopharmacological-istic-whatever, Part II

Thank you all for the supportive comments below. It’s very heartening to reconnect with the OC.

The kind Dr. Two-Fifty, after much nodding and compassionate murmuring, is switching me to Zoloft. It’s light blue, so I’m immediately biased in its favor vs. the pea green hue of Cymbalta. (Yeah, I do realize the inherent absurdity of ranking antidepressants by color. It’s just something I have to do.)

The next four weeks will be wacky, as they include tapering down Cymbalta + ramping up Zoloft at the same time. Dr. Two-Fifty instructs me to expect to feel a little weird and not to give up hope. Okey-dokey.

I’ll be distracted during the interim by the process of moving, as my oversized cats and I are heading for Manhattan. We have rented 150 cozy square feet of studio apartment in a charming, eclectic neighborhood. The rent is a mere (ahem) $350 more per month than I paid in 2005 for 600 square feet in Minneapolis. For New York, this is considered a steal. Mrs. Violet (my mom) is coming to help, and I can’t wait to see her.

My numbers are a little weird, trending to the low side. Is it really possible for an adult to need less than .20 units per hour for overnight basals? I guess it is. I forget, too, that I’ve been doing a lot of walking for the apartment search. That’s probably a huge factor. I’m grateful not to be running high, but I did test at 67 at 3 AM the other night. That hasn’t happened since I lived alone, pre-Mr. Brooklyn, so I’m a little anxious. I had a good snack last night and woke up at 83. It would be nice, wouldn’t it, to not have to worry about this stuff during big stressful life changes?


  1. Hey Violet,

    Good to hear from you.

    I get particularly frustrated with the amount of time it takes to switch anti-depressants. Ramp down on this and ramp up on that, etc.

    Be patient with it, like your doc said. It can be trying and frustrating, but there's no way around it.

    I can't believe your cost of living out there. Amazing. I think I'll stay around here, thank you!

    Take care!

  2. Oh, I remember all too well the cost of living in NYC. What nabe are you moving to?

    Good luck with the drug changes! And thanks again for the nice comments on my blog yesterday; I told the Mister specifically about your words and we were both charmed.

  3. I love the little blue pills. Now just take them with some red pills and you'll have... violet.

    I'm in NYC fairly often as my family lives there (and I live upstate). Perhaps sometime we can have an OC meetup?

  4. I would love to meet up in NYC (as I am now so damn close to it), if that's orchestrated. Who else would be interested??