December 29, 2005

Five random facts

I’ve been tagged by Scott, who is among the first type 1 folks I met in person following my diagnosis. He and the good people of our support group helped me through a very hard time and encouraged me in my exploration of Pumplandia. His blog inspired me to start this one, in fact. My 5 random facts:

1. My past pets include three retired racing greyhounds. These remarkable dogs are beautiful, awe-inspiring companions whose care and upkeep are considerably different than many folks imagine. (You don’t have to take them running, for example. And many are good with cats and children.) Check out Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption for more information about these hardworking athletes who deserve to retire to loving homes with big cushy dog beds.

2. I’m quite fascinated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a system that describes personality as the intersection of four brain functions. MBTI has given me a more profound understanding of my relationships as well as practical tips on how to work with people who function differently than I do and a new way of looking at stress. I’m an INFP, which means I am quiet, creative, and temperamental, among many other things. Here's an interesting page about MBTI:

3. Another, less scientifically validated system of personality is the Enneagram. There’s a lot of kooky writing out there about this way of looking at human psychology. But there’s also very rich material for people who are willing to examine what most frightens them and the ways we structure our lives around those fears. I am a Nine, highly conflict avoidant, which means (again among many other things) that I need to be vigilant about my fierce longing to dodge confrontation at all costs. A good Enneagram resource:

4. My guilty television pleasure is Survivor. I know, I know. I am deeply ashamed.

5. My guilty lifestyle confession is that I don’t read for pleasure anymore. I read all day long for my job, and a lot of "free" time goes to my job as well. I can’t remember the last time I cracked open a book for the sheer pleasure of reading it rather than for work or health-related information. I never thought this could happen to me, a lifelong bookworm, and it is highly suggestive of the possibility that I need to rearrange my priorities.

I hereby tag the following:



Aww, isn't that cute? They're a 1950s movie star!


  1. I keep trying to take these online personality tests and they are demanding my credit card number. Are these tests online for free somewhere? I remember taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator when I was a psychology student in college, but I can't remember what my results were.

  2. Hi,

    Once Myers-Briggs comes up, I can't stay away.

    I actually set up a blog (never to be used--which is why it is located at just to leave this link to a terrific free online personality test.

    I'll talk to you next week. Happy New Year!

    Your infj friend

  3. Oops! This one should work.

  4. K, if you take the test I demand that you report back with the results.

    Hello, INFJ friend. I'm deeply moved: you just wrote several dozen words of greeting. To me! Happy New Year to you too...

  5. V,

    I've clocked in as an XNFP. I guess I'm an introverted extrovert. Or vice versa.

    But I am an "NFP", so I feel that I'm in honorable company.


  6. Hey Violet -- Where are you? Nicole