June 11, 2005

Charlotte vs. the Summer Wardrobe

She’s winning.

I know the tricks: the thigh thing, the bra thing, the cutesie pouches. I’ve shopped the accessory websites. But there’s a certain category of sundress for which none of the tricks work. I can’t do the bra clippie thing because I’m not, errr, properly built. With many of my clothes I can hide the pump under my arm, in the side of my bra, but with some dresses it sticks out horribly there. Depends on how the dress is cut. And the thigh thing falls down unless I wear it with a garter belt, which shows under lots of fabrics in a very obvious, look-at-me-I’m-wearing-sexually-charged-lingerie-and-might-be-a-harlot-would-you-care-to-find-out? kinda way.

I own, like, six dresses in this category. They are (were) my favorites. Whine, whine, whine.

There’s one thing I haven’t tried. It’s an adjustable garter thingie. Maybe this would stay up without a garter belt? It even comes in two sizes, a brilliant acknowledgment that women do not, in fact, have made-to-order thighs. I will invest the 30 bucks and report back.


  1. Violet,

    I use the minimed thigh thing. It's a bit more heavy duty, not so pretty but very functional. It uses elastic (sturdy) and I can tighten it so that it doesn't slide down when I'm walking. I love it. Here's a (long!)link to it!

    If you get the pretty one you've linked to, let me know how it works. I wouldn't mind one that's a little nicer.


  2. Thanks, T! I thought the Minimed one wasn't adjustable. How good to be wrong. Have ordered. I might try the girlie one too, but it doesn't look as solid as this one, so maybe I'll see how this works first...

  3. Hey Violet,
    The "where to stick it" issue is one of the bigger barriers for me in considering the pump at all.

    See today's post referencing your dilemma. And thanks again for the heartfelt sharing!!