May 11, 2006

Plan C

I can’t get into the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center until the end of August. Ouch, but no surprise to Realistic Violet, who makes an appearance only rarely these days, and usually after the fact of some disappointment or other. (Foggy, Peculiar Violet is the star of the season; she was somehow sure that the clinic would welcome me with open arms within 2 weeks.)

I guess I’d better get that bloodwork done at Procrastination Lab in the meantime. Hmm.

Meanwhile, the OC has revealed its graciousness yet again, this time in the form of Lyrehca, who has offered a referral to a therapist who has type 1 and works with many PWDs. Said therapist is actually fitting me into her schedule tomorrow. Score five automatic points for therapist. Double points for Lyrehca.

(Wow, I managed as a New Yorker for 7.4 months without requiring mental health services!)

I can’t afford this, of course. But even more, I can’t afford not to go. So: off I go.


  1. Awesome--glad to hear it!

  2. Good.

    This is very, very good, Violet.

    It's a hard thing, deciding to see a therapist (at least it was for me).

    When I took that step a while back, it was tough getting over feelings of failure. Afterall, I was always able to help other people; why couldn't I just figure it all out and get a grip?

    Seeing a therapist made me realize I could, I just needed some help, that's all.

    One of the best decisions I ever made.

  3. I agree with Sandra - very very good thing.

    It's really tough for me to make these appointments productive, because my crazy brain is working on avoidance even through the damn appointment!!

    Be open, be honest, be willing to look at things you just may not want to look at. It all takes time and a lot of hard work - which sucks (believe me, I'm right there in the middle of the shit with you). But, how very rewarding when you start to make some progress - even if it is just a little bit.

    Much thanks to Lyrehca for helping take care of my old Minnesota D-friend!

  4. I'm glad you got in to see a therapist right away. Therapy is a bitch, but when it works well, it's great stuff. Very helpful.

  5. "I can't afford this. But even more, I can't afford not to go."

    If I could have this mantra etched onto my forehead, I would. If I could have it etched in invisible ink, I would probably escape some stares, but such is life.

    Good luck with therapy. I only spoke to someone once, but it was the most cleansed I've ever felt. Maybe that should tell me something... :)

  6. Hope it was effective. Living in NY for as long as I did, I was always surprised when I heard someone hadn't been in therapy, or hadn't tried it at some point. Personally, I loved the idea that I could go and talk about myself for an hour and this person was being paid to listen to me and give insight. I hope it's a similarly positive experience for you.

  7. Just came upon your blog and had to respond. First of all, i'll echo everyone and say good for you for going to therapy. But mainly I want to warn you about the Naomi Berrie Diab. Center. I've been diabetic for decades, on pump for a few years, can't control blood sugars after years of trying very, very hard with some excellent doctors. I am apparently quite unusual, and was desperate, and I went to NB because they're an active treatment/research center with a team approach. Dealt with 2 doctors there, and here was my experience:

    they didn't listen;
    they didn't care what i had to say;
    they have a one-size-fits-all approach, regardless of who you are;
    they don't answer questions with any respect for you or the question;
    they're superciliious - they don't treat you like an adult with a brain and an understanding of your own disease;
    they are arrogant; and
    they assume they understand your individual situation even though they have NO interest in, and completely disregard, any information you may have gathered over the previous (in my case) decades -- their attitude is if they haven't seen it yet, it doesn't exist.

    When I told my previous dr. what had happened, he said he had heard similar stories from a couple of other patients before me.

    Having said all that, it's certainly still possible that they help the average diabetic, who fits into their cookie cutter, but once a doctor thinks and acts like what i described, that's bad medicine right there. I have docs i'd be happy to recommend to you instead, but they're not in NYC. Best of luck, wherever you go!

  8. I agree with everything the previous Anonymous had said......While they claim to be involved with Type 1 diabetes, they actually focus ALL of their attention, concern and interest with pediatric type 1 diabetes. I also found the nurse/nurses there to be arrogant and unable to relate to patients who :1. Are Adults.
    2. Male gender
    3. Able to make their own decisions
    4. Intelligent about diabetes type 1
    5. Do not "kiss ass".
    Since it is in their Charter to to see patients with type 1 diabetes(funding was provided with this in mind), they still have their preferences and biases. I would not recommend Naomi Berri Diabetes Center to anyone unless we are talking about pediatrics.

  9. Violet, (my daughter's middle name!)

    It is worth the wait. My 5-year- old has been there and my husband just had his first appointment. We just moved here from Cleveland 8 months ago....
    They are very encouraging of the pump and the do A1C on the spot.

    Good Luck