July 1, 2005


I am not (never have been), but the MRI was. Phew. Thanks for the support, guys. I still have the pricklies, not quite as often, so perhaps the B12 injections are helping. I need to follow up more aggressively. As much as I like Dr. Keeper, her approach to this situation is very "wait and see," which is not to my liking. Consider, for example: if I'm having nerve problems due to B12 malabsorption (unproven), might I not also be malabsorbing other nutrients? I might, depending on the cause of the B12 problem (if there is one). But Dr. Keeper is not checking for this. She's just waiting to see if I get better, which could take "a few months." I'll have to go back in and ask her for more tests if I want to find out if I'm low on any other essential-to-life entities.

Meanwhile, change abounds in Pumplandia. My company is transferring me (at my instigation) to New York.

New York!

Home of Bionic Bagels. Home of Spamalot. Home of very tall bulidings with intriguing shapes.

Oh, yeah--also the home of Mr. Brooklyn and his remarkable children.

More to come...


  1. Oh Violet, I am SO DANG happy for you!

    VERY glad to hear about the MRI. Phew indeed!
    And extremely pleased to learn of your big move.

    This morning you've given me a wonderful reason to smile.


  2. DITTO on Sandra's comments! Happy, happy...

    MRI over, check! Moving to Mr. Brooklyn, double check!! Do keep us apprised. Inquiring minds want to know :)

  3. WONDERFUL news all around, Violet! Yay!